Linoleum flooring

what is linoleum made of
Linoleum flooring

What is linoleum made of?

Linoleum is a common material often used as flooring because of its durability, resilience and versatility. It is made of a combination of natural and

Linoleum Flooring options
Linoleum flooring

The Best Linoleum Flooring options

Linoleum floors have long been popular for their durability, aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness. In this article, we will discuss the different types of linoleum

Installing a liquid linoleum floor - DURACRYL (2)
Linoleum flooring

What is linoleum flooring?

In 1860 linoleum flooring was invented by the Scotsman Frederic Walton. Linoleum is made through the binding of lineseed oil and natural materials such as cork- and woodflour, mineral fillers, rosin and pigments.

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