Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Discover liquid rubber flooring

If you are looking for a durable and safe floor covering, it is worth considering liquid rubber flooring. Rubber floors come in all shapes and

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Rubber Flooring

Rubber vs vinyl flooring

When furnishing a room, many different types of flooring can be used. Floors come in different shapes and sizes, and can be made of various materials. This includes rubber or vinyl, but what is the difference between rubber vs vinyl flooring? We explain this further in the article below.

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Rubber Flooring

What is rubber flooring?

There are thousands of different types of flooring in the world. Even within rubber flooring, there are countless differences. That is why it is difficult to describe rubber flooring as one. Nevertheless, we try to answer the question “What is rubber flooring? In doing so, we do focus on rubber flooring as we believe it should be the norm.

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