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Gouden Bocht


OTH Architecten




OTH Architecten

Floor Type



136 m2

Visiting address

Herengracht 459 - 475

1017BS Amsterdam

De Gouden Bocht


SEGMENT: Offices

Carbon footprint

-275 KG/m²

Our durable and flexible terrazzo floor in the Gouden Bocht office.
The Gouden Bocht is a complex with mainly offices located on the most prestigious part of the Herengracht in Amsterdam. The complex with many original features, was largely built in the 17th century and is registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site. In collaboration with To Build, OTH Architects is realizing a ‘design and build’ project for the refurbishment of the entrance hall of the Gouden Bocht. The entrance hall was demolished down to the shell building after which, in addition to the structural work, the W installation and electrical modifications to floors, walls and ceilings were carried out. The acoustic ceiling with special light lines and the terrazzo floor with brass lines and steel sliding door elements were realized. The new interior including cabinet walls, room dividers, custom furniture, eye-catching counter with a floating canopy provided with brass. In addition, the green wall and connection to the outdoor terrace complete the design. The outdoor terrace was also grounded and equipped with a pergola, awning and various green features, among others.


ABOUT OTH Architecten

Office renovation in de Gouden Bocht by OTH architects.
OTH architects is a multidisciplinary design firm in architecture and interior architecture, based in Amsterdam since 1971. From this solid base we work on innovative concepts in the areas of living, working, caring, learning, recreation and meeting. With a modest approach, we approach all projects in our own way. Our inquisitive way of designing links pleasure to professionalism and creativity to reality. An open and involved attitude guarantees quality and continuity. A few simple and effective ground rules form the basis for all our designs: designing is searching for obviousness | a good design is time-bound and timeless | space is material, proportion, light | space must create space | material follows from use | the human measure determines | light makes space, light makes color | color is incidental | detail is function | art must | sustainable lasts the longest


Durabella is made out of various components based on a special modified binder, marble aggregates and/or natural stones. Durabella Biopolymer is made from vegetable oil and is Red List Free
The beauty and richness of traditional Terrazzo, orginally invented by the Romans, improved with the latest technologies of today, form a unique flooring system. Durabella has exceptional characteristics in appearance, aesthetics and durability. Durabella is a decorative floor finish, made of a colored bio-based binder and mixed in a matrix of marble, glass and other natural materials. After finishing, the natural beauty of the aggregates in a colored setting is exposed to provide a beautiful, durable and flexible Terrazzo.



Architect: King Kongs
Photographer: Flare Department - Mart Goossens
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Zuiderhof 2

Architect: First Lines Design & Build
Photographer: Frank Maaskant
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vijzelgracht House

Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Photographer: Jannes Linders
Location: Amsterdam, The Nerherlands

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