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Eco Friendly Floors

Seamless flooring systems; all you need to know!

Let’s start with the fact that linoleum is not necessarily eco-friendly. But then, what is truly eco-friendly linoleum flooring? On this, opinions are – unfortunately – divided.

How durable is Cork Flooring - Duracryl (2)
Cork Flooring

How durable is cork flooring?

Earlier, we wrote a blog ‘What is cork flooring‘. In it, we described the pros and cons of cork flooring, the marks of quality and how we use cork in our flooring. What has not yet been covered is the question: ‘How durable is cork flooring?’   Almost every company

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Liquid Flooring

The 5 benefits of poured floor covering

Poured floor covering has been around for a long time. But in recent years, the floors have been incredibly popular. There are several reasons for this. But before we dive deeper into the benefits of poured floor covering, we first describe what poured flooring entails. Poured floors come in the

cork flooring
Cork Flooring

What is cork flooring?

What is cork flooring? Many of you may have heard of cork flooring as a popular option for eco-friendly home- and businessowners. But what is cork flooring?   Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees. The tree’s bark is harvested, dried, and then cut into planks

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Seamless Flooring

Six seamless flooring options

Six seamless Flooring options There are some obvious advantages of seamless floors, such as: easy to clean, hygienic and very beautiful. Equally important, we find that seamless floors have no cutting loss and are more durable to transport. Below, we list 6 different seamless floors that are unique, because of

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Rubber Flooring

What is rubber flooring?

There are thousands of different types of flooring in the world. Even within rubber flooring, there are countless differences. That is why it is difficult to describe rubber flooring as one. Nevertheless, we try to answer the question “What is rubber flooring? In doing so, we do focus on rubber

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Linoleum flooring

What is linoleum flooring?

In 1860 linoleum flooring was invented by the Scotsman Frederic Walton. Linoleum is made through the binding of lineseed oil and natural materials such as cork- and woodflour, mineral fillers, rosin and pigments. Table of Contents How Linoleum flooring once started How was linoleum originally manufactured? After the mixing of the