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The 3P’s of sustainability; People, Planet and Profit

The 3P’s of sustainability are all about People, Planet, and Profit. By understanding the interplay between these pillars, businesses can create new opportunities for growth, a positive societal impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future. But how is the flooring industry behaving towards the People. 

People: empowering lives and fostering wellbeing

The ‘People’ pillar recognizes that the success of any organization lies in the hands of its people. Prioritizing employee well-being, diversity, and inclusion leads to enhanced performance, innovation, and a happier workforce.  Flooring manufacturers have a significant responsibility in the working conditions of the flooring installers, since these are very much dependent on the size, weight and form of the flooring product supplied.  The Dutch ministry of social affairs and employment has instructed employers to organize works to be executed according to strict regulations regarding lifting, kneeling, sitting and squatting. In general to organize the physical labor in the least stressful way for an employee.  A general acceptance in the Dutch market is not to supply products which exceed 23 kg (50.6 Lbs) packaging. This has led to a major change from rolls of carpet towards carpet tiles. However on the resilient side of flooring, major manufacturers are still supplying rolls of over 200 kg (440 Lbs) not complying with their cooperate social responsibility.

According to the Dutch working regulations, working on your knees should not exceed 30 minutes in a row, with a maximum of 60 minutes per day. Installing roles of resilient flooring is very heavy labour and is practically not feasible according to these regulations. Liquid applied floors, which can be installed standing up, have significant advantages and do add to better working conditions.

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The ‘P’ in Planet signifies the commitment that the organization assumes concerning environmental stewardship. A forward-thinking organization adopts a proactive approach to fostering a thriving natural living environment and addressing environmental challenges. This commitment may manifest in various ways, such as implementing robust waste recycling policies, selecting suppliers based on sustainability considerations (favoring regional over international options), and promoting environmentally friendly modes of mobility.


The third ‘P’ represents Profit/Prosperity, emphasizing the significance of sustaining a robust financial standing for organizational viability. Maintaining a healthy financial position is fundamental, as profitability serves as the bedrock of the company. Adding economic value becomes a prerequisite for enhancing the other two dimensions

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