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What means ‘sustainability’ within the flooring industry

Sustainability is often misused for durability. Durability can contribute to sustainability but is is certainly not the same.

The definition of sustainability

The United Nations described sustainability in the Brundtland report in 1987:

“Sustainable development is development that meets the need for the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable practices support ecological, human, and economic health and vitality. Sustainability presumes that resources are finite, and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences of the ways in which resources are used. In simplest terms, sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.

Fossil based flooring like Vinyl / PVC, synthetic rubber and epoxy terrazzo do not meet this definition and can not be referred to as sustainable since they are based on limited resources.

Climate positive flooring

For accountability of the impact of the carbon footprint of each flooring product we are using the definition of “Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design” in New York, a leading authority on this subject:

Currently, there is no universal threshold for ‘low embodied carbon’ in flooringmaterials.  After discussing this research with experts, we have set a rigorous standard that can meet 2030 emission goals.  These products, labeled with ‘LEC’, embody below 5kg of CO2 per square meter”.

All Duracryl products comply with this standard and are referred to as “ClimatePositive Flooring”.

By using Duracryl flooring you can contribute to significant lower carbon emmissions, compared with fossil based flooring, generating a positive climate effect for future generations.

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