Six seamless
Flooring options

There are some obvious advantages of seamless floors, such as: easy to clean, hygienic and very beautiful. Equally important, we find that seamless floors have no cutting loss and are more durable to transport. Below, we list 6 different seamless floors that are unique, because of their looks and durable properties. But first we talk about the reason why we only deliver seamless flooring.

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Five reasons why one of Duracryl's seamless flooring options is right for your "green" space.

The intro may have given it away, but Duracryl combines function, beauty and durability. All three of these components are hugely important to us. That’s why all six of our seamless floors are engineered with the requirement that people and nature benefit.


And they do so by:
– leaving no cutting loss;
containing no red list materials;
– being easy to install;
– being carbon neutral (without compensation);
– taking up less transportation space.

#1 Seamless flooring option
Corques liquid lino

For years, linoleum was thought to be a forerunner in terms of durability. Duracryl saw the potential, but managed to take linoleum to the next level. Get to know Coques Liquid Lino(leum), a seamless floor made from vegetable oil, linseed oil, wood and cork powder, limestone cork and other natural pigments.


Unlike “regular” linoleum, the liquid version is truly durable. Why? Because we believe that nature has an infinite range of solutions to make our lives better without harming our environment.

#2 Seamless terrazzo
The name says it all

The seamless terrazzo is a blend of ancient beauty and modern-day brilliance. You can say: best of both worlds. Durabella is made of Red List Free materials. 


Very similar to the traditional terrazzo floors. The surface is smooth. Various patterns and motifs can be obtained in the floor. In contrast to traditional terrazzo floors Durabella can be supplied in RAL, Pantone or NCS colors. The finish can be adjusted to your liking and color composition is customer specific. Slip-resistance is depending on the finish, R9 or R11.



#3 Seamless design

Since the choice between seamless floors is extremely large, we thought it would be a good idea to make it a little more difficult. DURAPRURE is the seamless flooring option for anyone who wants an infinite choice of colors, without sacrificing durability.

#4 seamless concrete floor; duracem

Duracem has an unique look which is being determined by the recycled material inside. A concrete look floor with the features no one thought possible.


For example:
– the look is determined by the recycled material inside;

– Duracem has 12 different concrete looks;

– after cure through Duracem is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids, leys, resins, solvents and foodstuff;

– the majority of the ingredients in Duracem are renewable resources;

– duracem is free of plasticizers and easy maintainable. 

#5 seamless polished flooing; Durastone

Durastone Flexible Polished Floors is a robust and strong floor finish which comes in two versions, the elegant looks of fine grit terrazzo or the industrial appearance of polished concrete. The density of the aggregates may vary since it is randomly applied.



#6 seamless rubber flooring; NDURANCE

If you thought all the options of durable, seamless flooring have gone by, Dyracryl’s offerings continue to surprise. Indeed, the bio-based rubber flooring ‘NDURANCE’ is one that surprises friend and foe alike. Not only is the flooring climate-positive, but the colors are extremely varied, making NDURANCE a very popular floor.

In our view, they are the following advantages:
– Optically very beautiful

– leaving no cutting loss;
– being easy to install;
– taking up less transportation space.

The concrete or screed subfloor has to be primed and levelled with a self levelling smoothing compound to obtain a flat and levelled surface. Uneven surfaces have to be leveled by e.g. diamond grinding prior to the levelling compound. All dust and loose parts have to be fully removed from all surfaces before the product is applied, preferably using a brush and/or industrial vacuum cleaner. Prior to the installation of the Ndurance a suitable primer needs to be applied. During the installation the room temperature needs to be at least 62 °F (15,5°C). The floor temperature need to be at least 59 °F (15°C) and minimum 3 °F (3 °C) above the dew point.

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