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If you are looking for a durable and safe floor covering, it is worth considering liquid rubber flooring. Rubber floors come in all shapes and sizes. In this text, we will find out more about the benefits and features of liquid rubber floors and why they are a smart choice for those looking for a versatile and durable flooring solution.

We sell the ”NDURANCE LIQUID RUBBER FLOORING”, a bio-based rubber floor made with recycled materials.

Advantages of liquid rubber flooring

Liquid rubber flooring offers several advantages over other floor coverings, including:


Liquid rubber flooring is extremely durable and hard-wearing. They can last for years without cracking or other damage, even under heavy use and high loads.


Liquid rubber flooring is completely waterproof, offering excellent protection against humidity and water. This makes them very suitable for applications in wet areas, such as bathrooms, swimming pools and showers.


Liquid rubber flooring is flexible and can be applied to almost any substrate, such as concrete, wood and tiles. This makes them ideal for renovation projects where the old floor cannot be removed.


Liquid rubber floors have a sound dampening effect, making them very suitable for areas where noise is a problem, such as offices and public areas.

Good to know

As with any other type of flooring, liquid rubber flooring also has points to consider:


Liquid rubber flooring is sometimes more expensive than traditional flooring options such as carpet, vinyl and laminate. This is because installation is often more complex and the material itself is also more expensive. On the other hand, the lifespan of liquid rubber flooring is almost always longer, so the cost over its lifetime is often lower.


The installation of liquid rubber flooring requires skill and experience. If the floor is not installed correctly, problems such as blistering, cracks and uneven colouring can occur. However, when the floor is professionally installed, residual waste is negligible. This is because there is no need to cut, which results in cutting losses.


After applying the liquid rubber floor, it must be given sufficient time to cure. This is usually two days before light usage.

Although the advantages of liquid rubber flooring outweigh the disadvantages, it is important to make an informed decision based on the specific needs and circumstances of the project.

Laying a liquid rubber floor

Laying a liquid rubber floor can be divided into the location and installation process. In this case, we will assume a floor that we sell ourselves: the Ndurance liquid rubber flooring.


The flooring can be used as decorative flooring in education, medical, offices and museums, but can also be used for domestic surfaces. Ndurance liquid rubber flooring is a perfect solution for floors where owners and users have high demands for comfort, wear and impact resistance and hygiene.


Uneven surfaces should be levelled by, for example, diamond sanding before applying a levelling compound. All dust and loose particles should be completely removed from all surfaces before the product is applied, preferably with a brush and/or an industrial hoover. In addition, a suitable primer should be applied. Need more advice on installation? Feel free to contact us.

Why choose “NDurance Liquid Rubber Flooring”?

Ndurance liquid rubber flooring is a biopolymer-based rubber flooring that contains recycled material. It provides a flexible-feeling and comfortable floor covering. The rubber flooring has a unique appearance defined by the added recycled material. The seamless floor has no cutting loss and no adhesives need to be added.

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No, not all substrates are suitable for installing liquid rubber flooring. The surface must be dry, clean, flat and stable to ensure good adhesion.
Yes, liquid rubber floors are generally easy to clean and maintain. It is usually enough to vacuum and mop the floor regularly with a gentle cleaner.

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