Red List Free Label

What is the Red List Free Label?

There is legislation on sustainability for companies in which various certificates can be obtained. One of these certificates has been created by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and that is the Declare® Red List Free. ILFI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the planet.

The Red List lists chemicals, materials and elements used in the construction industry that are known to have serious risks to human health and the larger ecosystem. Declare® Red List Free acts as a ‘value label’ for building materials and is the gold standard for environmental certification and product transparency. Flooring with Red List Free certification offers absolute peace of mind for anyone who wants to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable home, office or building.

Read all about Red List and the Declare® Red List Free certificate in this article.

How did the Declare® Red List Free certificate come about?

ILFI worked with the Healthy Building Network and the Pharos Project to create the original Red List in 2006. One of ILFI’s key programmes is the Living Building Challenge (LBC), which is designed to challenge designers and developers to create buildings that are fully sustainable and go in harmony with nature. The Red List certificate is part of the LBC programme.

The ILFI believes that all Red List materials should be phased out of production due to the negative impacts on human and environmental health. While other items could certainly be added to the list, this list was compiled by selecting materials and chemicals with the greatest potential impact if they were to be significantly contained or eliminated from the construction industry.

Declare® Red List Free

To obtain the Declare® Red List Free label, buildings must meet the strict requirements of the LBC programme, including the use of sustainable and healthy materials that are free from Red List materials. This ensures that buildings certified under the LBC programme are not only sustainable, but also safe for human health and the planet.


The Red List is updated annually to meet updated LBC standards. In it, new requirements are added or removed. Manufacturers or companies can apply for a new certificate annually.

Which substances are on the Declare® Red List Free?

The aim of the Red List is to activate designers and developers to use alternative materials that are healthier for humans and the environment, resulting in the development of sustainable products and buildings. For this purpose, a list of more than 800 chemicals, materials and products that are harmful has been compiled by the ILFI.

By which label can you recognise Declare® Red List Free?

The Declare® Red List Free certificate can be recognised by a red image with a flower, with the text “Red List Free” underneath. The logo can be found on product packaging and is used in companies’ marketing statements, showing that the product has been made without the use of harmful materials.

Which Duracryl products are Declare® Red List Free?

Duracryl is a company that values sustainability, which is why all its products meet the Declare® Red List Free certificate. In this way, Duracryl contributes to the health of people and the planet in an environmentally friendly way. View the sustainable products here.

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