liquid lino
Corques is a linoleum, based on natural materials. Linseed oil, vegetable oil, cork and mineral fillers seamlessly applied.
Corques is a tough, flexible seamless comfortable floor covering. Corques can be used as a seamless decorative floor covering in the education sector, medical sector, offices, museums, but is also suitable for domestic surfaces. In short Corques is a perfect solution for floors where the owners and users have a high demand on comfort, wear and impact resistance and hygiene. Corques is a seamless solution from wall to wall.

Carbon footprint


With its lasting resilient properties and natural appearance, Corques Liquid Lino stands out from many other floors. The product composition consists of a balanced mix of mainly natural raw materials such as vegetable and linseed oil, wood and cork powder and limestone cork.
Other plus points of the Corques Liquid Lino floor are that it is wear-resistant and, with a layer thickness of about 2 mm, it has very good thermal conductivity which improves efficiency with underfloor heating. The floor is seamless as it is a cast system. This means no welds, job plan and cutting losses as with other floor coverings. Moreover, Corques Liquid Lino is available in many colours.


Fredrick walton

Frederick Walton (1834 – 1928) was an English pioneer and researcher.
In 1857 he discovered a method using vegetable oil
to produce a floorcovering.

This discovery lead to his most famous invention: Linoleum. This was the start of a long and fruitful Linoleum era. To this day his entrepeneurship is beyond any doubt a milestone in the history of flooring. To honour his unique efforts, Duracryl is proud to present a special collection named after him.

Corques projects

Stadtverwaltung Tilburg

Architect: Common Affairs
Photographer: Arjen Veldt
Location: Tilburg, Nederland

Vijzelgracht Haus

Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Photographer: Jannes Linders
Location: Amsterdam, die Niederlande

Vijzelgracht Huis

Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects
Photographer: Jannes Linders
Location: Amsterdam, Nederland
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