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Namo Architecture


Namo Architecture




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1.770 m2 m2

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Oudegracht 176

3511 NP Utrecht

Dille & Kamille Workspace


SEGMENT: Company restaurant, Factory Building, Offices

Carbon footprint

Back to the roots With the relocation of Dille & Kamille’s headquarters to Utrecht, we have come full circle. Once upon a time, Freek Kamerling started his first shop here in a wharf cellar on the Oudegracht. The new Dille & Kamille Workspace will be located in the former office and printing office of the Utrechts Dagblad. A striking historical building in the middle of Utrecht’s city centre. The arrival of the Dille & Kamille Workspace will contribute to the vision of livening up the city centre by mixing functions. Besides retail and catering, a good mix of other functions is being sought to keep the city centre attractive. New challenge After the departure of the print shop, the building has had various uses, most recently as the Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht. For this reason, the building had to change its function completely in order to be used as an office building. Besides fitting in correctly in the city centre, the building needed a complete sustainability upgrade. Here, we looked at what we could do without affecting the character and appearance of the historical building but still meet today’s requirements. Better insulation, replacing glass, installing a ventilation system, adjusting installations and adding solar panels resulted in an A++ energy label.
Authenticity in a comfortable and inspiring environment The core of the design is to return the building as much as possible to its old state but in the modern version. Here, the ‘well being’ of the user plays a major role. The basis of the building must be good to facilitate meetings and inspiration sessions. A warm typical Dille home base where everyone enjoys coming together.Applying healthy materials in all new finishes ensures a good basis. Thus, flax wool (insulation), clay stucco and mineral-based paint were used. The floors have a base of cork or untreated wood; the stairs are clad with pieces of leftover wood from the shop floors. For the furniture, a mix of existing furniture was sought and supplemented with reused furniture from Hutspot shops and refurbished items. The greenery in the building also purifies the air and increases the well-being of the users. The new hybrid working The move of the Dille & Kamille Workspace also means a roll-out of the new hybrid working. The new home base should be more than just the workplace; there are several places to work, meet, meet and relax. On the ground floor is the heart of the building where a warm welcome with good coffee and
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ABOUT Namo Architecture

NAMO Architecture was founded in 2022 by Marlous Vriethoff and Noud Paes out of a passion for sustainable design and inspiring design and construction processes. The word NAMO has its origins in Sanskrit and means ‘to act with respect’. For us, that is exactly what sustainability is about. Because true sustainability arises from an attitude, a way of looking at the world. With respect for the people you make a building for and with. But also for the urban and natural environment.
And with respect for the future, for the energy we consume, the CO2 we emit and the building materials we use. We help build our ecosystem, seeking the balance between maximum quality and minimum environmental impact.



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